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Welcome to the official website of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Mauritius in Zambia

I am, Mrs Rekha Parmar, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Mauritius in Honkong

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Honorary Consulate.

The core mission of the Honorary Consulate is to:

  • enhance the Bilateral Relations between Mauritius and Zambia
  • promote the welfare of and provide consular services to the Mauritian community living in Zambia
  • foster trade and investment as well as tourism between Mauritius and Zambia
  • facilitate cultural, commercial, educational, social, scientific and sports exchanges between Mauritius and Zambia
  • provide information on passport, visas and other issues of interest based on current regulations

Please use the menu to navigate through the various resource links of the website for queries and for any information you may require.

It is my earnest hope that any query you may have will be satisfactorily answered through this website. However, in case you need additional information or any other assistance, please feel free to leave a message and/or contact us.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Mrs Rekha Parmar

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Mauritius

Consular Services

The High Commission offers the following services:

  • Assistance to foreign nationals requesting visa to travel to Mauritius.
  • Consular assistance to Mauritians regarding renewal or loss of passport & application for new passports.
  • Assistance for visa to Mauritian nationals and officials traveling to countries accredited to Mauritius (eg. Nigeria).
  • Other assistance to Mauritian nationals in distress.
  • Promotion of investment in the land provided to Mauritius by the Mozambican Government for enhancing food security.
  • Facilitating Business to Business meetings for prospective Mauritian Investors.

Contact Us

Mrs Rekha Parmar

Hononary Consul(05.05.00)

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fax: +2601255580